Drafty Windows Are No Match for Tidewater Contractors

We offer complete air sealing services in Wilmington, NC

As your home shifts and settles, small cracks can develop around your windows and doors. While they may seem insignificant, any gap can affect your indoor air quality and home energy efficiency.

Tidewater Contractors in Wilmington, NC offers air sealing services around your windows and doors, attic vents, plumbing and electrical sockets. We provide blower door testing to see where you need weather stripping replacements and will make sure your home is sealed tight with new caulk.

We can even replace old can lights in your kitchen or basement with new LED retrofit lights. Reach out to us today to ask about our air sealing services in Wilmington, NC.

Why replace your weather stripping?

Why replace your weather stripping?

Weather stripping is a small but effective tool for keeping your home more comfortable and energy-efficient. With proper weather stripping replacement, you can:

  • Prevent moisture from getting in your home.
  • Maintain your indoor air comfort in every season.
  • Keep bugs and pests out of your home.

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